Who are we?

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Research Hub has been established to harness the significant research work being produced for 15 years at the Graduate School of Management of Technology (MOT) of Nile University. It aims to respond to the clear need for structured and science-based STI policy advice in Egypt and the region. By leveraging science, technology, and innovation policy studies, the Hub seeks to offer decision-makers solutions that can drive positive change and solidify the momentum at the national and regional levels.

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Why STI Policy Research Hub?

Egypt has recognized the need to invest in research and development, as well as innovation, in order to keep up with global trends and compete in the international market. This has led to the establishment of various initiatives and programs aimed at promoting STI and fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government.

As for the developing countries, the contemplator of the state of the science, technology and innovation system will find that it is divided into two main types:

  • The first type is for the countries that already lack the ingredients for building a successful system due to the small number of qualified researchers and the lack of the necessary financial resources.
  • The second type is for the countries - including Egypt - that are characterized by the availability of enough resources for excellence, like human and financial resources, but lack the appropriate policies and management for their numerous initiatives in this domain.

Therefore, working on developing STI policies is one of the first duties to reach the knowledge economy sought and clearly mentioned in the Egyptian Constitution. It is also a national necessity to stop the drain of human and financial resources exerted towards this goal and to ensure that the development of policies is on the right path by being based on scientific foundations and on an intricate analysis of the motives and effects of old policies.



Our potential beneficiaries and stakeholders include government agencies, research institutions, industry associations, civil society organizations, and international development partners. 


These stakeholders can benefit from the Hub's expertise in conducting research, scientometric analysis, and facilitating dialogue to inform evidence-based policy decisions. Additionally, the Hub's collaborative platform allows for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities among stakeholders, fostering a holistic approach to addressing STI challenges and driving sustainable development.


Research by the STI Policy Research Hub

Our themes of research:

  • Science, Politics, and Decision-Making
  • Economics of Innovation and Industrial Policy
  • Technology and Innovation Management
  • IP Protection and Technology Transfer
  • Entrepreneurship

STI Policy Research Hub Events

STI Reseach Policy Hub Symposium Series

A Symposium Series: Advancing the Management of Technology through Academic and Practical Dialogue The management of technology plays a crucial role in shaping the progress and success of businesses and organizations in today's rapidly evolving world. As technological advancements continue to transform every industry, it is imperative to have platforms that promote dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among experts. A symposium series focusing on the management of technology would serve as an ideal platform for academic and practical discussions, facilitating an exchange of ideas to

STI Policy Research Hub Launching Event

Launching Event for a Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Research Hub The launching event for a Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Research Hub represents a momentous occasion of progress and collaboration. By uniting stakeholders from various sectors and disciplines, this hub aims to drive scientific advancements, technological innovations, and policy reforms. The potential impact on society cannot be overstated, as it addresses the challenges and opportunities brought by scientific and technological advancements, ultimately contributing to a sustainable, inclusive, and

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