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Quad-Port UWB MIMO antenna based on LPF with vast rejection band

This manuscript introduces orthogonally polarized quad-element multi-input multi-output (MIMO) antenna with improved isolation. The proposed design of a miniaturized volume of 43 × 43 × 1.5 mm3 covers vast impedance bandwidth more than 17.85 GHz commences at 2.15 GHz to more than 20 GHz, corresponding to reflection coefficient below – 10 dB. A quad-port low-pass filter (LPF) with a very wide

Entrepreneurial ecosystems: Global practices and reflection on the egyptian context

Following the Egyptian revolution that had taken place in 2011, many social and economic norms changed. The Egyptian economy witnessed a severe deterioration. In 2016, the Egyptian pound lost almost 60% of its value overnight. Egyptian government and foreign development agencies rallied to find a remedy to the economic downturn. With no jobs, young Egyptians started experimenting with the

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness

Artificial intelligence for retail industry in Egypt: Challenges and opportunities

In the era of digital transformation, a mass disruption in the global industries have been detected. Big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are just examples of technologies that are holding such digital disruptive power. On the other hand, retailing is a high-intensity competition and disruptive industry driving the global economy and the second largest globally

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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness

Digital transformation strategy framework

With the unprecedented diffusion rate of digital technologies in the past decade, digital has become a transformative driver for successful businesses, whether dealing with products, services, or processes. Many companies are experimenting with digital technologies, trying to make use of their potential and evaluate their impact on their businesses in terms of value creation and competitive

Data analytics maturity models: A systematic literature review

Data analytics have become a trending research topic since the last decade given its importance in the organizational decision-making process. Several organizations are trying to employ data in improving their decision making and strategies. Although data scientists and business intelligence consultants are hired to make beneficial use of these data, their activities are not enough for making the

Simplified modelling for power consumption of base station sites in mobile telecommunications systems

Reducing energy consumption is a global concern for all industries. Modern communications systems facilitate human interactions compared to previous ages. Telecommunications and IT are among the fast-growing industries with rapid demand for more energy. Moreover, the wide adoption of wireless mobile communications applications has resulted in installing massive numbers of Base Station (BS) sites

Software and Communications

The use of information and communication technologies in the agribusiness sector in Egypt

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have been developed in the last decades and since its functionality and uses, have increased tremendously, in many sectors and they become fundamental in our life today. It is a main part of almost every activity, product, and service in our lives. Therefore, the use of ICT in agribusiness is not an exception. On the other hand, Agribusinesses

A novel green rating system for existing buildings

Green buildings are becoming an essential part of sustainable development. There have been several research trends for green buildings since 1995. The present study presents a roadmap for green/sustainable research trends and proposes a new green building rating system for existing buildings. A questionnaire was established and answered by experts, where answers were analyzed using the decision

Logistics 4.0: Definition and Historical Background

Logistics 4.0 is very important to the current business world. It is expected to revolutionize a lot of business aspects. However, there is no clear definition for Logistics 4.0 till now. Due to its important impact on businesses nowadays, this work aims at reaching a definition for Logistics 4.0. The process of defining Logistics 4.0 is performed through reviewing the historical background

Merging supply chain and blockchain technologies

Technology is a significant component in our everyday life. Many definitions exist for technology, one of which is “all the knowledge, products, processes, tools, methods and systems employed in the creation of goods or in providing services”. Due to the impact of technological innovations on organizations, competitiveness levels are raised noticeably. Hence, reliable means of information exchange