Degrees are accredited by SCU and any other country that recognizes the Egyptian SCU. Students can also transfer their MOT courses credit hours if equivalent.

MOT classes are primarily on campus.

  • Credit hours fees: 3,000 EGP per credit hour.
  • Total credit hours for MOT/Ph.D. is 54 Cr. Hrs. Including 24 Cr. Hrs. for dissertation (student is obligated to       pay only for 12 Cr. Hrs. of the dissertation credits).
  • Total credit hours for MOT/M.Sc. is 42 Cr. Hrs. including 12 Cr. Hrs. for thesis (student is obliged to pay only for 6 Cr. Hrs. of the thesis credits).
  • Total credit hours for MOT Professional Diploma is 19 Cr. Hrs.
  • Available scholarships vary between 5% and up to 20%, according to an assessment during the interview.
  • Under certain conditions, deals with different organizations can be offered.

3 years for M.Sc. and four years for Ph.D.

Two semesters are normally offered every academic year (Fall & Spring). Yet, a summer semester may be open for some instances.

Normally, yes, but on certain occasions, a Spring semester is closed for new admissions.