The Graduate School of Management of Technology (MOT) enables candidates to keep abreast with the rapid advancements in science and emerging technologies and predict and follow the radical changes in technologies. It aims to stimulate innovation and foster responsible use of technology for the benefit of humankind. MOT specialists can help to attain high levels of business competitiveness in the global economy presently and in the future. It sheds light on the aggressive competition in the global market and, hence, the competition of the local companies with MNCs. MOT focuses on ever-changing management strategies and modalities.
Technology Management is a set of management disciplines that allows organizations to manage its technological fundamentals and/or employ new ones to create competitive advantage.



The vision of the Management of Technology Programs of Nile University is to be a world-class leader in education and research in the field of Technology Management.


The mission of the Management of Technology Programs is to offer interdisciplinary study/research that is focused on meshing the scientific essence of technology with the art of its management. The aim is to create a layer of capable managers to lead enterprises that compete in a dynamic business environment increasingly dependent upon the unprecedented pace of technological change. They can also contribute to raising the indigenous technological capabilities of  society at large through technological innovations in the era of digitalization.