About M.Sc. Management of Technology


The mission of the Management of Technology Programs is to offer an interdisciplinary study/research that is focused on meshing the scientific essence of technology with the art of its management. The aim is to create a layer of capable managers to lead enterprises that compete in a dynamic business environment increasingly dependent upon the unprecedented pace of technological change. They can also contribute to raising the indigenous technological capabilities of the society at large through technological innovations in the era of digitization.



The program prepares professionals capable of integrating knowledge of science, engineering, business and technology to master the process of guiding creativity, R&D activities, innovation and product development, commercialization and the management of different technological resources for sustainable development. Courses offered stress the importance of understanding the accelerating rate of change, uncertainty and dynamics of the innovation processes. They are designed to cover theoretical foundations and practical applications that equip students with the necessary skills related to managing technological resources at the macro-level of countries as well as the micro-level of an organization.

The curriculum has been benchmarked against the best universities worldwide having similar programs.


1) Cut-off scores for the English proficiency test for MOT M.Sc. applicants as of Fall 2021/22 will be as follows:

  • iB TOEFL 79.00 and above, with 17 and above for writing,
  • or IELTS 6.50 and above, with 6.50 and above for writing.   

2) Even if an M.Sc. applicant took already the English test and has been granted his/her degree, he/she must re-take the English proficiency test to achieve the cut-off requirements level for the Ph.D. program if he/she applies for it.  

The set of skills that M.Sc. students will acquire are the following:

  • Coping with the basics of Management of Technology.
  • Studying the techniques and processes of innovation.
  • Acquiring management and product development skills. 
  • Exposure to the market rules and techniques of technological businesses.
  • Developing a solid background in processes of technology transfer and acquisition and the principles of intellectual property rights.
  • Getting acquainted with proper entrepreneurship activities in meshing technology with business.
  • Graduates are provided with the concepts and nature of research and will have a clear understanding of its philosophies and approaches and gain practical experiences with the methodologies used. 

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