About Ph.D. in Management of Technology


The mission of the Management of Technology Programs is to offer an interdisciplinary study/research that is focused on meshing the scientific essence of technology with the art of its management. The aim is to create a layer of capable managers to lead enterprises that compete in a dynamic business environment increasingly dependent upon the unprecedented pace of technological change. They can also contribute to raising indigenous technological capabilities of the society at large through technological innovations in the era of digitization.



The Ph.D. program focuses on the bases and methodologies of scientific research, in order to contribute effectively to the science and knowledge in the field of Management of Technology. Management tools and business ethics are emphasized throughout the program. NU's teaching philosophy relies heavily on student self-initiative, self-study, and understanding. It is meant to widen their horizons, inflame their intellects, and teach them to think and to look for information and knowledge.

The courses at NU involve a mixture of lectures, class discussions, group exercises, and case analyses. Students are expected to complete all assignments and be prepared to discuss them in class.  Participation in class discussions is important and enters into total evaluation. Preparation includes reading, online search, and personal observations.

The curriculum has been benchmarked against the best universities worldwide having similar programs. 


​Cut-off scores of the English proficiency test for MOT applicants for the Ph.D. applicants (this will be applied also once an M.Sc. applicant applies for the Ph.D. degree after he/she has been granted the M.Sc. degree) are as follows:

  • iB TOEFL 79 and above, with 17 and above for writing,
  • or IELTS 6.50 and above, with 7.00 and above for writing. 

The set of skills that Ph.D. students will acquire are the following:

  • Exposing students to a broad set of issues and provide the opportunity for the students to acquire more in-depth knowledge and experience in the subject matter.
  • Providing the students with a strong research experience in their dissertation, affording the students to innovate and contribute to the knowledge-base in the area of their specific interest. 
  • Containing elements of overseas residence or field experience in a research institution and, or multinational organization.
  • Prepare students to have a leading position in industry meshing technology with business establishment.
  • Provide the students with the knowledge and tools to enhance the competitiveness of the businesses and hence their success and sustainability.